GFF warns fraternity about staging unsanctioned football

- Local governing body urges responsible behaviour during pandemic


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is investigating reports of the launch of an unsanctioned football tournament in the East Coast Demerara region, and wishes to remind the football community that no authorisation has been granted by the National COVID-19 Task Force or the Federation for any further resumption of football activities.

The GFF urges all players, match officials and coaches to abide by the Federation’s constitutional regulations at all times in the interests of the entire football community. Any breach of GFF regulations, including participation in unsanctioned events, will be investigated and could result in suspension. Any suspected breach of national COVID-19 rules will be reported to the authorities.

GFF regulations, under its constitution, are in place to protect the interests and welfare of players, match officials and coaches, and to safeguard the future development, good governance and orderly organisation of football. Under FIFA’s global structure of football governance and its constitution, the GFF controls football in all its forms in Guyana.

“We cannot emphasise enough the need for all of our friends in football to abide by the GFF constitution and the national COVID-19 rules at this time of global crisis,” said GFF President Wayne Forde.

“We are planning for the safe and responsible resumption of football in the coming months, in partnership with the National COVID-19 Task Force. No football competitions should take place until it is safe to do so and until they have been approved by the GFF and the Task Force.”

“Unauthorised competitions at this crucial stage in the pandemic not only risk the health of the people taking part, but also the wellbeing of their loved ones and wider society,” Forde said.

Special dispensation was granted by the Task Force for a spectator-less, limited GFF tournament in December/January as part of the Federation’s “return to play” plans, which pave the way for the responsible return of football in accordance with national protocols.

The Task Force has also granted permission for the Golden Jaguars to begin training for FIFA World Cup qualifiers in March.

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