GAWU urges public to observe COVID protocols in Republic Anniversary message


See below full Republic Anniversary message issued by GAWU:

The Republican Anniversary holds a special place of pride in the eyes and minds of all Guyanese. The attainment of republicanism broke us away from completely from Great Britain and severed the remaining links of colonialism. It allowed us to chart our own destiny and one people and nation. Indeed, republicanism further asserted our independence and our own desire to build our nation in our terms and within our context. It represented a significant achievement as we were firmly in control of our future.

The lofty ideals of republicanism today remain inherent and ever present. Today, fifty-one (51) years down the road, as a nation we have a great deal to be proud about. Charting our own path has not been easy as we had to face up to many challenges. Though testing and requiring the struggles of our people we have defeated undemocratic rule and more recently attempts to re-impose dictatorship. We have scaled several economic fences and have built a strong economic foundation that poises us for takeoff. And, we have fought back those who have sought to covet our territory and continue to face up to such threats no matter the perceived disadvantages. Indeed our years as a Republic have not been a smooth road, but a path fraught with dangerous bends and twist but through it all the Guyanese people and nation persevered and conquered.

As we go forward there are still several challenges in our way. Too many of our men and women face difficulties in meeting the expectations of life and impoverishment continues to be unfortunate feature in our society. Gaps in infrastructure hold back development and the need to protect our workers adequately still eludes us. These are some of the many challenges that confront us. We see too brightened opportunities as the country is on the verge of a major economic boom. While gladdened by this, the fruits of development must be shared with all our people equally. All boats must rise and rise quickly for us to unlock Guyana’s potential and take us further along the road of prosperity.

It is against that background, that we of the GAWU greet the nation and all Guyanese on this our 51st Republic Anniversary. This year’s celebrations are unlike those of the past. The COVID-19 continues to rage on and though we have made efforts to staunch the pandemic as a people we must play our role. We use this opportunity to once again recognise our frontline workers who continue to play an important role in keeping our nation safe. On this Republic Day, we urge all Guyanese to stay safe and observe all protocols.

We are hopeful that 2021 will see the turnaround from the darkness that gripped the country over the past five (5) years. Indeed, the Guyanese people more than deserve and our republicanism would be an ideal starting point.

A happy Republic Day to all Guyanese!

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