Four-year-old girl dies after injured during cricket game


A four-year-old girl died while in her sleep Thursday morning on the Essequibo Coast after she was hit in the abdomen by a cricket ball.

Police Headquarters in a statement said the child was injured during a game of cricket with her family on Wednesday. The News Room understands that the child was hit to her abdomen with the cricket ball at about 16:00h.

Police said the child then went to sleep shortly and two hours later, her mother checked on her and everything appeared normal.

However, at around midnight, the child’s sister went to sleep next to her and felt her entire body was cold and so she raised an alarm.

The mother further said a white substance was coming out of the child’s nose. She was rushed to the Charity Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police are now awaiting the results of a post mortem examination.


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