Local doctor opens clinic to help couples get pregnant


By Isanella Patoir

Local Specialist Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr Rafi Rozan, has opened his own private clinic which offers modern therapeutic treatment to address infertility in Guyana.

The most common cause for infertility in females is not being able to ovulate and produce eggs, and when it comes to males, the most common cause is an alteration to the concentration of the sperm resulting in low sperm count.

Dr Rozan launched his clinic – My OBGYN Inc. – last year March, with the aim of providing reproductive health services at the primary health care level. The clinic, which is located on Cummings Street, Georgetown offers professional and confidential medical services.

“There is definitely a major issue with reproductive health and I think I can successfully start giving services towards that. So here, we are able to identify those issues and remedy the issue with regard to what it is,” Dr Rozan said.

Dr Rafi Rosan

Dr Rozan is offering Intrauterine Insemination (IUI); this is where sperm is collected and placed directly inside the women’s uterus while they are ovulating.  Data from the World Health Organisation shows that one in every four couples has issues with getting pregnant. Dr Rozan is aiming to be on the forefront of IUI treatment in Guyana.

“One of the things that we can do is intrauterine insemination, in that we counsel the entire couple, we diagnosis if there is a female component or a male component. Know that 40 per cent of the time it’s a female issue while 40 per cent of the time it’s a male issue and then you can have what is a mixed problem in that both males and females combine can have issues,” Dr Rozan explained.

Dr Rozan highlighted that while there has been an influx of patients seeking the service, the challenge has been to get males to come on board with the treatment.

“With regards to infertility cases, I’ve had success with quite a number of individuals and we had our first baby born from an IUI last January, which was two months ago.”

The clinic also offers video colposcopy, where the patient participates in the diagnosis and screening.

Dr Rafi Rozan conducts an Ultrasound on a patient (Photo: News Room/March 05, 2021)

“There is actually a monitor, which the patient can actually see and identify exactly if there is a presence or absence of lesion; if there is any abnormality with regards to the cervix,” Dr Rozan said.

The clinic also offers services such as laser vaginal rejuvenation and reconstructive vaginal surgery.

Dr Rozan also practices at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He did his doctorate and postgraduate in comprehensive family medicine in Cuba. This was followed by another postgraduate in obstetrics and gynecology with a focus on aesthetic cosmetology gynecology. Dr Rozan is now pursuing a fellowship on reproductive endocrinology infertility with the European University of the Atlantic.

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