Over 250 households affected by flooding in Charlestown, Werk-en-Rust


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is assessing the damage caused to over 250 households in Charlestown and Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown, following a malfunctioned door of the Princess Street Koker.

A statement from the CDC noted that a team was deployed to assess the damage to homes and businesses in the communities.

“While homes in the Hadfield, Bent, and Princess Streets were not affected, over 250 households in the Charlestown and Werk-en-Rust communities were impacted.   In the Charlestown area, the roads were inundated with about 8 inches of water while as much as 12 inches of water were on the Werk-en-Rust roadway,” the CDC noted in a statement.

According to the statement, up to the time of the assessment, Colvern Venture, the City Engineer reported that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) successfully managed to close the Koker door and that the Princess Street pump was used to drain the water from the land.

“At 4:40 am when the door closed, we were continuously pumping water until about 6:30 AM, at which time we saw a significant reduction in the level of the water”, Mr. Venture informed the CDC.

It was noted that the CDC will support the M&CC in providing relief to the affected households in the Charlestown and Werk-en-Rust communities.

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