Bartica boat captain busted with cocaine


A Bartica boat captain was arrested on Friday after he was discovered with a quantity of cocaine in his possession.

According to police reports, ranks who were working at the Bartica Stelling, approached the suspect, who was at the time an inbound passenger on a speed boat from Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

Police said that the boat captain was transported to the Bartica Police Station where a search was conducted on the dark blue haversack on his person.

In it, police discovered four black plastic bags , each containing a large quantity of transparent plastic bags sporting several large pieces of whitish rock-like substance, suspected to be the illicit drug.

The suspected items were weighed and amounted to 2,609 grams.

The suspect, after being arrested and informed of the offence, reportedly told the arresting officers that he collected the cocaine from a “red man” at Parika.

He was expected to deliver it to another person at Bartica who was later arrested. The second suspect has so far denied the allegation.

The cocaine has been lodged as investigations continue.

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