Transgender woman shot by girlfriend’s brother claims it was a hate crime


Six days after being shot with a “pumpy” by her brother-in-law, transgender woman, 21-year-old Mark McClean, is now forced to spend her days enduring excruciating pain.

McLean was born a man but identifies as a woman and uses her sexual identity to engage in sex work to take care of the woman she lives with.

Known across the social media landscape as “Home Alone” for her dramatisation of several popular musical hits, McClean has a message for other trans-women. That message is for them to “be careful.”

McLean lived with her girlfriend and the girlfriend’s brother at Leopold Street, Georgetown; the girlfriend is now pregnant.

McLean, during an interview with the News Room on Wednesday, said that although the April 8, 2021 shooting incident stemmed from a confrontation she had with her girlfriend, she was shot by her girlfriend’s brother largely because of her sexual identity.

“Me and me girl had a lil talking and he come and lash me in me head and I try to run. And he went for a gun and shoot me; he just don’t like transwomen,” McLean told the News Room on Wednesday at her Leopold Street apartment.

McClean claims that she was shot once, though the fragments from the bullet caused her to be wounded in several places in the region of her upper thigh and buttocks.

Eight of the fragments have been removed, but one remains in McLean’s testicles.

McClean spent four days in the hospital and had to undergo surgery. She claimed that the impact from the shot affected her hip. She said she collapsed after she was shot and only woke up in the hospital.

McClean has since returned to the home.

The Police are said to be investigating the incident but the man who fired at McLean is believed to have fled the country.

“They [the police] say they looking for the man but he done leave the place already,” McLean told the News Room.

A stressed McClean wrapped up the interview on Wednesday telling her trans friends to be careful.”

“I still can’t walk, pain too much.

“But I want to tell my friends, my trans friends them, to be careful because is stress right now.”


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