Notable agriculturalist Bissessar Chintamani dies of COVID-19


The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) has paid tribute to notable agriculturalist Bissessar Chintamani. Mr Chintamani had tested positive for COVID-19 and died on Sunday.

Chintamani, who once led the national mangrove restoration project, later formed Triple C Consultancy in an effort to help farmers use technology to improve their crops and secure markets. He was recently appointed to the GMSA’s Executive Board.

“This appointment recognized him as an invaluable contributor to the Agri-Sector, having demonstrated his commitment and passion towards advancing the sector since joining the membership,” the GMSA stated.

The Association noted that Chintamani was an advocate for cultivating non-traditional crops and used many innovative techniques and solutions to encourage farmers to undertake large-scale production.

Under his accolade of contributions, Chintamani recently partnered with the University of the West Indies (UWI), in an initiative that offered free online courses to GMSA members, the GMSA stated.

“His contributions were well recognized and impacted many small farmers country-wide.

“His passion was always to empower farmers and see them develop. He was committed to that cause and pursued it with vigor and relentless drive,” the Association added.

In December 2020, Chintamani was the recipient of the GMSA’s Award in recognition of his efforts in sharing knowledge with agro-processors for agriculture initiatives.

In 2018 he was also the recipient of the President’s Award in recognition of his company’s efforts in promoting the use of technology to enhance primary crop productivity.

“As we pay tribute to this true professional, our friend, colleague, mentor, and innovator, the GMSA would like to extend deepest condolences to Chintamani’s family during this time of grief.”

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