Five arrested for breaching COVID measures at Masjids; CIOG pleads with all to adhere to guidelines


Five individuals were arrested and charged for breaching the COVID-19 measures at a masjid on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) following an enforcement activity carried out on Wednesday night, according to information received by the News Room.

It was noted that the individuals arrested were warned previously. Importantly, one of the individuals is a medical doctor who resides and practices on the East Bank, also. The doctor was placed on his own recognizance and is due to appear in court next month.

The News Room understands that members of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) have been conducting patrols at places of worship due to the occurrence of the Navratri and Ramadan periods for Hindus and Muslims, respectively.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) said that “it stands strongly and fully endorses” the NCTF and guidelines and protocols instituted for Masjids nationwide during the holy month of Ramadan.

Earlier in April, the NCTF Secretariat issued additional guidelines for the observation of Ramadan.

“CIOG is kindly requesting that the Masjids across the country stands firm in observing these guidelines and ensuring its members follow these protocols,” the CIOG said, adding: “By observing all of the guidelines you are protecting your family, friends, community and lending a hand to help stop the spread of covid-19 among our fellow brothers and sisters (both Muslims & Non- Muslims), so that we can return to a level of normalcy.”

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