$13.75 M worth of ganja destroyed by cops


Members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), on Friday morning, seized a large quantity of marijuana and destroyed about 1,000 cannabis plants on a quarter acre farm on the right bank of the Canje River at Cow Savannah.

On the farm, the cannabis plants were about two feet in height. Police reports indicate that a search was also conducted on the left bank of the said river and during that search, several parcels wrapped with transparent and black plastic bags were found with a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems. A black bag with six twelve-gauge cartridges were also found. The items discovered were suspected to be cannabis.

According to the GPF, the suspected cannabis found at Cow Savannah was weighed and it amounted to 55 kilograms (kg) and it has an estimated value of $13,750,000.

Following the discovery of the plants and the suspected cannabis, the plants were cut down and the suspected cannabis was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the News Room understands that while the ranks were heading up the Canje River, a wooden boat with three occupants was stopped at Calabash on the Canje River. The occupants of the boat and their belongings were searched.

During the search, police reported, one black plastic bag with a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis were found in the backpack of one of the male occupants. The items the occupant was found with amounted to 500 grams. The suspected cannabis and cartridges lodged and the suspect was placed into custody.

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