Businessman allegedly robbed of $1.2M in cash nearby Parika Police Station


A 44-year-old businessman has reported that he was robbed of $1.27 million in cash while he was at the Parika junction, East Bank Essequibo, a stone’s throw away from the Parika Police Station.

According to a report from Police Headquarters, the victim, along with his son and an employee, arrived from Leguan after conducting business.

The victim reported to the police at Parika Police Station that some money was missing when he was socialising at a hotel; the police had accompanied him and made checks.

However, the victim later claimed that while he was at the Parika junction awaiting transportation to go home, two perpetrators accosted him, placed an object to his side, and told him “pass everything you got”.

The businessman further alleged that the bandits then stole his Samsung A20 cellular phone valued at $ 40,000 and his backpack which contained the cash. Police claimed that the bandits were pursued to the Parika fisheries road but managed to escape on foot.

The matter was then reported to the police, and the two suspects’ identities were revealed by the victim’s employee. The incident occurred at around 01:30hrs.


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