Man, 23, stabbed to death during birthday bash in Kitty


A birthday celebration in Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, Georgetown ended deadly on Saturday after a fight broke out among some men.

Dead is 23-year-old Kaywall Dinban, who was stabbed to the right side upper back. The 21-year-old suspect is in police custody; he reportedly told police he was defending himself after Dinban and his friends beat him with a piece of wood.

A police report noted that Dinban and two of his friends were at the birthday party when a heated argument ensued between him and the suspect.

It is alleged that Dinban pushed the suspect to the ground; the suspect then ran away along Sandy Babb Street, but Dinban armed himself with a piece of wood and with the help of his friends, they pursued the man.

They caught up with him and beat him with the wood and so, the man retaliated and pulled a knife from the waist of his pants and stabbed Dinban, who ran into a nearby yard and collapsed.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an ambulance where he underwent emergency surgery and was admitted to the ICU; he subsequently died on Sunday at about 14:00 hrs while receiving treatment.

The suspect along with Dinban’s two friends and another male were arrested pending investigations.

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