Corentyne labourer beaten with cutlass, robbed of $1,700


A 31-year-old labourer of Kingston Village, Corentyne Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) was beaten with a cutlass and robbed of $1,700 on Tuesday night.

According to police reports, the man left his Corentyne home at around 23:50 hrs with $1,700 in his hand headed to a nearby shop.

The man told police that while he was walking through a cross street, he was confronted by two individuals who wore masks. One of these individuals, the man said, appeared as though he was armed with a cutlass.

As the labourer passed these two individuals, he was reportedly hit at the back of his head with the cutlass. The perpetrators then began searching the man’s waist and pockets, causing him to throw the money to the ground.

As the perpetrators attempted to collect the money, the man escaped.  Police said that one of the suspects was arrested and is currently in custody assisting with investigation.

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