UPDATE: Landlady under police guard as investigations into stabbing of GRA officer continue


Jacklyn Lamaizon, the landlady who rented an apartment to 24-year-old Dwayne Taitt who was stabbed to death, was under police guard on Monday morning as family members and friends of the deceased gathered at the premises.

According to police reports, Taitt, an enforcement officer attached to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), was stabbed to death just after midnight Sunday by Lamaizon’s son.

He lived at the Lot 2 Middleton Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, house with his reputed wife and two-year-old daughter.

When the News Room visited the scene at around 10:00hrs on Monday, heavily armed police had blocked the entrance to the building. A minibus, filled with clothes and other items, which were reportedly owned by the Taitt family, was parked outside.

A number of family members and friends of the deceased were also gathered in front of the building; some in tears while others visibly angry.

A number of family members shouted, “He was a good man” and “That’s a good one they kill.”

“I just get the message that (my) nephew get murder (because of) something with he and the landlord and the landlord call she son out,” uncle of the deceased man, Sian Taitt, told the News Room while at the scene.

Sian Taitt, uncle of the deceased (Photo: News Room/July 12, 2021)

According to him, his nephew was a “progressive youth” who cared for his young daughter. He also explained that the young man was only waiting until Wednesday, when the rental contract officially expired, so that he could collect his security deposit from the landlady.

“He ain’t ever fight in he life… and you gon call you son out to murder my nephew?” the uncle said, struggling to hold back tears.

Meanwhile, the man was among the dozens of family members and friends of the deceased young man who called upon Lamaizon to come outside and give a statement against her son.

“They (the police) got she inside deh. Nobody ain’t arrest she…is she call she son outside,” Taitt exclaimed.

Meanwhile, heavily armed police officers at the scene tried to diffuse the situation and encouraged the family members to go to the police station.

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  1. Matthew says

    This seems like a huge waste over nothing. 2 families destroyed.

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