Top Cop urges ‘professional conduct’ as 29 ranks are before the courts


During an awards ceremony on Thursday to recognise the outstanding work of some 3,258 members of the Guyana Police Force, Police Commissioner (ag), Nigel Hoppie disclosed that 29 of its ranks are before the courts facing a range of charges.

“Yes, we have had deviants who have breached the Police Force’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders. We are not going to be naïve and bury our heads in the sand,” Hoppie said while addressing the ranks at the ceremony held at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary.

The media was not invited to the Force’s annual award ceremony this year, making it the first time this has happened in decades.

Meanwhile, Hoppie, in a release issued by the Public Relations Unit of the Force, said there are members of the law enforcement community who are faced with allegations of rape, robbery, manslaughter, assault and corruption, and neglect of duty.

The Police Commissioner did not say how many ranks have been dismissed or are facing disciplinary charges but noted that “amidst oftentimes unmerited criticisms”, the Guyana Police Force continues to perform its role and responsibilities creditably.

He used the opportunity to reiterate a call for members of the Force to be professional in their behaviour and conduct, showing courtesy towards members of the public and avoiding corrupt practices.

“Let us build bridges with the public and thereby improve on our public image in order that we can enhance public trust and confidence that are so essential. We in the Police Force cannot do it alone. We need the understanding and support of the public that we serve,” he said.

Hoppie said all ranks must remember that the Force is one Station.

“We must be responsive anywhere we are called upon by the public. We are here to serve, and providing an efficient and effective service must be the hallmark of our performance.”

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