US chefs ‘soak-up’ Guyanese cuisine on fact-finding mission


After three days of sampling various cuisines in Guyana, four chefs based in the United States of America recently returned home with their taste buds tingling after visiting several local restaurants.

Their aim was not simply to devour, but also learn of the culinary aspect of Guyana, since one of the Chefs is Guyanese-born Tavel Bristol Joseph, who will be opening a new restaurant in Texas, called Canje, named after Guyana’s national bird, the Canje Pheasant.

Joseph, who migrated years ago, has made quite a name for himself over the years. He is the co-owner of Emmer and Rye, Hestia, Kalimotxo, Henbit and TLV- all food establishments in the US.

Rand Egbert, who heads the team’s operations, said: “The cuisine is unique in the sense that there are only certain types of fruits and vegetables known to this area, as well as the different diaspora of ethnicities that exist and all the influence they have on food.”

Their focus is on Austin, Texas, which is their home, but Egbert said it “sounds fun” to possibly open a restaurant here in the future.

He complimented the friendly atmosphere in Guyana and when they had access to local products they were rich and bold, which he felt enhanced the culinary preparation.

The team went as far as Victoria, East Coast Demerara, to dine, Alberttown, Windjammer Restaurant and  Stabroek Market.

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