Bladen Hall man beaten by Policeman after complaining of disturbance


Relatives of a man who was brutally assaulted by a Police officer because he joined in complaining about children pelting stones at his house from the yard the Policeman lives in say they are tired of being pushed around in their quest for justice and feels the matter has already been covered up.

Ryan Ramdeo, 30, a carpenter and father of two young children was beaten unconscious by his neighbour – Police Lance Corporal Earl Cornelius on July 8, 2021.

The incident, which was captured on surveillance cameras, occurred in front of Ramdeo’s home at School Road, Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara. The footage shows when Ramdeo was slapped and cuffed to the face by the corporal; Ramdeo subsequently fell into the drain in an unconscious state.

Ramdeo’s wife, Annie Ganesh, told the News Room that they have been subjected to disturbance by children pelting stones on their roof.

The woman said her family believed the children were those of the Policeman, but he has denied this, saying the children are those of other tenants in the apartment building where he lives.

On July 8, Ganesh explained that her grandmother was sick but the children continued throwing stones on the roof, so she went over and made another complaint.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras

According to Annie, when the corporal came home from work, he confronted her grandmother about the complaint.

“He started rushing up to my grandmother face. My husband was standing up by the gate and my husband said ‘the big lady get right to talk’ and he start beat up my husband,” Annie explained.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment and a report was subsequently made at the Vigilance Police Station.

The family now believes a cover-up is afoot.

Annie said police told her that a medical report from the Georgetown Hospital is holding up the investigation.

She explained that the police also said the medical report has not yet been completed. However, when she visited the hospital, she learnt that no police officer ever came to uplift the medical.

Police Public Relations Officer Stan Gouviea told the News Room that the file into the investigation was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice.

Gouviea explained that the file was sent back to the station for corrections.

The Police Corporal was never arrested for the incident.

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