Decentralisation of sport high on National Sports Commission’s agenda


Director of Sport Steve Ninvalle has pointed to the decentralisation of sport in the country as a top priority of the National Sports Commission (NSC) as they endeavour to give all athletes opportunities.

Archery, Canoe/Kayaking, Weightlifting, and Marathon Swimming, commonly called open water swimming, are just some of the 41 sport disciplines at the Olympic Games.

This Olympic Games was the first time Guyana competed outside of the norms of Swimming, Boxing or Track and Field, when Table Tennis player Chelsea Edghill qualified.

There is a school of thought that given Guyana’s vast culture and landscape, that if the investment is made in years to come, Guyana can potentially look to compete in such disciplines.

Ninvalle, at a recent media engagement, said the National Sports Commission is looking to ensure they can decentralise sport from the cluster in Region Four.

“The National Sports Commission is not for elite sports or core sports alone. The National Sports Commission is for every single activity. I think what has been happening in Guyana is that we have not decentralised sports in the fact that most things are clogged into Georgetown or Region Four.”

He added, “You will find in due time that we will be making sure that other sports, which are not really popularised, that we start working with them.”

The Olympic Games concluded on Sunday in Tokyo, and Guyana was represented by seven athletes, across four disciplines.

While there were no medals or a space in the various finals, the Director of Sport said he is proud of their accomplishments.

“I would want to congratulate each and every one on their accomplishment; just to get to the Olympics is a feat by itself. In Guyana, exactly what we put in that is sometimes exactly what we put out, and now we will have a much different approach as it relates to how we administer, when we administer and why we administer,” Ninvalle indicated.

“There is a different approach towards the development of sport and how we administer from the National Sports Commission.”

The government will build three multi-purpose sport facilities in Anna Regina, Albion and Linden to aid in such endeavours.

It is part of the $1.5 billion budgeted for sport in 2021. Of this amount, $320 million is budgeted towards professional training of athletes and coaches as part of the ‘Sports Academy’ programme by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

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