Private Sector Commission thanks gov’t for reducing freight charges to pre-pandemic levels


See below statement from the Private Sector Commission:

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) wishes to express gratitude to the Government of Guyana for the earlier decision to reduce the freight charges to pre-pandemic levels in calculation of custom duties, excise taxes, and Input Vat on goods imported. The PSC is quite confident that this new measure is widely welcomed by businesses and consumers alike.

Notably, the PSC had crafted several proposals regarding the issue of shipping cost. The PSC is pleased to see that this proposal was largely considered and implemented. This decision will certainly stimulate economic activity and promote growth and enhancement within the Private Sector while facilitating consumer saving.

To this end, the PSC urges the business community to ensure that consumers benefit from all savings made as a result of this tax relief.

Lastly, the Private Sector Commission commends the Guyana Government for its continuous efforts to bring significant economic assistance to citizens as well as advancing business development.

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