Patentia Superbet cashier fakes robbery to pay off gambling debt


A 22-year-old cashier attached to the Best Bet Superbet location at Patentia, West Bank Demerara is now in police custody after she admitted to faking a robbery at the establishment.

The woman reportedly told police that she was balancing up her cash records at around 19:00 hrs on Monday while the cleaner was outside.

Shortly after, she reportedly told him to leave since she was awaiting transportation.

The woman reportedly told police that about half an hour later, a man walked into the shop requesting $2,000 in Superbet credit. As she was tending to him, the cashier alleged that the suspect pulled out a black handgun and held her at gunpoint through the steel counter, demanding that she hand over cash and valuables.

The cashier told police that she handed over one gold chain, one A21s cellular phone valued $47,000 and $450,000 in cash.

She said the gunman then ran out of the Superbet and escaped on a black motorcycle.

A report was later lodged at the Wales Police Station.

Her story, however, did not hold during questioning.

Police said she later confessed to concocting the entire tale and related that she had gambled and lost $300,000 of the Superbet money and this led her to devise the plot.

She eventually took the police to her residence where the cash and said articles were found stored in a washroom. She remains in custody pending charges.

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