Flooding returns to Eteringbang; water now at six feet


An average of six feet of water has been recorded in the border community of Eteringbang, located in Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni), due to heavy rainfall.

This is according to information provided to the News Room by Public Information Officer of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Patrice Wishart.

Specifically, Wishart stated that the Eteringbang dwelling areas and the landing are flooded. This community is situated near the Guyana/ Venezuela border and is home to at least 200 residents.

Flooding in Eteringbang, Region Seven (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Williams)

While providing the update on Friday morning, Wishart also related that a CDC assessment team was being sent to the area. Hampers have already been packed and are ready to be sent to the community also.

At the end of July, the CDC reported that floodwaters in Eteringbang rose to about three feet. Then, about 10 businesses and three households were impacted.

Then, Regional Chairman Kenneth Williams told the News Room that the flooding was “unusual” since there had been no excess rainfall. According to information from residents, he said the El Dorado river in Brazil has been overtopping and that water has flowed into Eteringbang.

This El Dorado river is connected to the Cuyuni river in Guyana. The community of Eteringbang is situated near both of these rivers.

Flooding in Eteringbang, Region Seven (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Williams)

On Friday morning, Williams said that the people in the community are “desperately in need of any help whatsoever.”

“Most of the business people are unable to do any business because the water level has risen to such a level that it is affecting their daily lives,” Williams said during a telephone interview with the News Room.

The businesses in this community include shops, fuel stations and entertainment places.

A shop flooded in Eteringbang, Region Seven (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Williams)

While appealing for assistance for these residents, Williams highlighted that there is a high COVID-19 vaccination rate in this community. As such, he said that the spread of the novel coronavirus is not a large concern at this point.

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