Albion sugar worker, family loses everything in fire


Rajkumar ‘Steve’ Hemnauth, 30, a sugar worker and a father of four lost everything in a fire of unknown origin Saturday night.

Hemnauth works at the Albion Estate in Corentyne, Berbice and returned to his Toopoo, Albion home from work at about 22:00h on Saturday.

He told the News Room that his wife and four children, aged one, five, eight and 12, were not at home at the time.

Hemnauth recalled that he went to bathe in his yard and not long after started smelling smoke.

Rajkumar ‘Steve’ Hemnauth

He explained that he turned around and saw the front of his flat concrete house on fire.

“Me see heavy fire in front of me house and me couldn’t get through to go inside to save anything,” Hemnauth said.

Hemnauth said he singlehandedly tried to save his house by throwing buckets of water on the fire. This only made things worse and within 10 minutes the entire house and everything inside was destroyed.

When the Guyana Fire Service arrived on scene it was too late.

The family lost everything including household appliances, television set, a chair set, three beds and other items.

“Me need help with lil shelter and lil groceries….you know lil help to start up back,” Hemanuth said.

Anyone willing to assist the family during this time can contact 322 – 3773.

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