Faulty AC unit led to fire on Broad and Russell Streets


A faulty air-conditioning (AC) unit malfunctioned and ignited nearby items in the upper flat of the Lot 43 Broad and Russell Streets building that was destroyed by a fire on Wednesday night.

This is according to Fire Chief Kalamadeen Edoo who spoke to the News Room via telephone on Thursday.

Divisional Officer-in-Charge of Operations at the Guyana Fire Service Haimchandra Persaud told reporters at the scene on Wednesday night that the fire report was made at 18:29 hrs.

The building that was on fire at Lot 43 Broad and Russell Streets, Georgetown (Photo: News Room/ September 29, 2021)

Subsequently, three fire engines responded immediately. With this quick response, the blaze was contained to the upper flat of the building; it did not spread to the bottom flat nor did it spread to the wooden buildings in close proximity to the Lot 43 premises.

At the time, Persaud could not ascertain the cause of the fire as firefighters were still investigating.

On Thursday, however, Edoo confirmed that the fire stemmed from the faulty electrical appliance in the upper flat. This section of the building was occupied by a man with a disability while Rudolph Gravesande, the building’s proprietor, lived in the bottom flat.

No one was injured.

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