Bosai employees reject 5.5% salary increase as unfair


Employees attached to the bauxite company – Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Inc. – on Thursday downed tools over the proposed across the board salary increases.

According to workers attached to the Linden-based company, the offering of a 5.5 percent increase is unsatisfactory. The employees are demanding increases between 7-10 percent.

As such, they took to the company’s north gate location where they stood for hours in protest, refusing to return to work unless their demands are met.

An employee told the News Room that management has made a decision not to alter the present offer which was done after a period of negotiations, claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a decrease in production.

However, the employee stressed that they continued to work even during the pandemic and are deserving of a bigger increase.

The workers took to the company’s north gate location where they stood for hours in protest (Photo: News Room/October 21, 2021)

“Management said they are not moving from 5.5 percent…Other than that, last year we had a bigger increase. It was 6.5 percent. Now I think it is unfair to give us 5.5 increase this year and you give us 6.5 last year. And cost of living gone up. So, we’re taking a stand- we’re taking strike action. We’re asking for 10 percent. Cost of living gone up 14 percent”, the employee said.

Another employee, Cecile Boston complained that they have been working very hard, sometimes up to 14 hours on the night shift and claimed that the payment for the number of hours is “totally ridiculous”.

He said collectively, the employees need their expectations to be met and see no reason why it can’t happen.
Boston said presently the negotiations were at seven percent but the company had decided only on 5.5 percent. He said employees were asked to resume work on Friday as the company, Union and relevant ministries reach a plausible decision.

Additionally, he said there are benefits on the table which employees are hoping to cash in on. These include various allowances and improved working conditions.

The Workers Union met for a closed meeting with representatives of Bosai during the protests to discuss the grievances of workers and other related issues.

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