‘Be dedicated, hardworking & disciplined’ – says best cop


Be dedicated, hardworking and disciplined. Those are the words of advice from Moalchan Jadunandan, who is the Guyana Police Force’s best performing officer for this year.

The 35-year-old father of three joined the Police Force in 2008 and is now the Subordinate Officer-in-Charge of the Golden Grove Traffic Department on the East Bank of Demerara. He serves in Regional Division 4 ‘C’ and has also been serving as an accident investigator for the past 14 years.

On Thursday, he was honoured for his commitment to ensuring the efficient flow of traffic on the East Bank of Demerara. Sergeant Jadunandan achieved 238 ticketed offences and 80 convictions for the year thus far.

The Guyana Police Force’s best performing officer for 2021, Sergeant Moalchand Jadunandan (Photo: News Room/December 16, 2021)

“I am very happy to be the best cop in the Guyana Police Force for the first time.

“The work is very hard but you gotta be dedicated, be hardworking, be disciplined,” the best cop said.

He was rewarded with $150,000 from the Queens Way Security Service and a trip for two, compliments of Roraima Airways to Arrowpoint Nature Resort and the Kaieteur Falls.

Sergeant Jadunandan is also the best-performing cop for his division. To this end, he was presented with $100, 000 and a trophy.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Komal Pitama of Regional Division 10 is this year’s runner-up best cop.

“I am delighted to know that I was selected to be the runner-up, I felt very excited,” Sergeant Pitama explained. He joined the police force in 2005.

For this year, he solved eight murders, five of which are before the court and the other three are awaiting legal advice.

Pitama has played crucial roles in intelligence-led operations such as eradication exercises to which $106.1 billion in several marijuana fields were destroyed.

Runner-up best cop, Sergeant Komal Pitama

Sergeant Pitama along with his team managed to recover seven firearms; he was also credited for several other serious crimes investigations and convictions over the past year. His contributions have allowed for a 52.3 per cent clear-up rate in his division.

He was also awarded the title of best cop three times in the past.

“Since I joined the Guyana Police Force, my aim is to ensure that justice prevails and that is my aim to ensure people get the justice they need and I have a zeal and zest to go after criminals,” Pitama explained.

He lauded his department and ranks who work with him and said: “To reward them, this would be very beautiful for them.”

He was awarded $100,000 and a trophy for being the best cop for his division along with thousands of dollars to be shared between his team for their achievements this year.




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