KGM Security Inc. gifts new house to staff member


Devon Ifill, a staff attached to KGM Security Services Inc., was gifted a new house, compliments of his employers on Christmas morning.

Ifill, a 33-year-old of Pike Street, North Sophia, and his wife, Kimberly Ifill, 29, along with their son were living at the said location, but it was deplorable.

A representative of the company explained they took notice of Ifill’s living conditions and opted to build a two-bedroom flat house.

“We are about giving back and what would make it best to give back to one our very own who goes beyond the call of duty. We have always kept the Christmas tradition of helping those in need and this is our way of showing appreciation,” the representative stated.

Ifill was ecstatic and thanked his superiors for what he called a “life-changing” moment. He said he was surprised when they approached him to rebuild the house.

Ifill said he and his family can live more comfortably and it is a great building block for them heading into the new year.

The company representative added that there are plans to furnish the house soon.

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