Linden Call Centre creates jobs for 150 youths; another 150 to be hired soon


Just four months after commencing operations in the mining town of Linden, Midas Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Inc. has already hired 150 young Lindeners and another 150 are expected to be hired by June.

The spin-off of this new wave of job creation, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Midas Malcolm Sobers, has been a great economic impact on the town.

Finding a job in the mining town of Linden was a challenge so when news of the Midas BPO Call Centre opening its doors got around, eager youths lined up with their applications in hand, ready to be employed.

On Wednesday at the Call Centre’s McKenzie location the recruits were busy at work as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hugh Todd and the Chief Executive Officer of Guyana Office for Investment  checked in the progress made thus far.

Sobers was happy to report on what the Call Centre has meant for the town.

“The payroll alone drives a lot of activities for Linden every month. Persons are using that money that was not there before to spend right back into the community in a variety of different ways,” he told the media.

Midas BPO’s presence in Linden was birthed from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between GO-Invest and Sobers in September last year.

And now the fact that it has been realised, Minister Todd said it is a testament to President Irfaan Ali’s vision of balanced development throughout Guyana.

“This facility here is an example of the government’s bold initiative to not only stimulate and drive economic activity but to create jobs through incentivizing the private sector for policies and I’m very pleased to see people going back to work or being able to go back to work,” the Minister remarked.

Minister Todd, who also hails from Linden, stated that the township suffered from “economic decay” and a social decline but now, it is recovering.

“Linden is going to be well served going forward, because our agenda is inclusive, it leaves out no community and we know that people in Linden are willing and capable and ready to be able to meet and enjoy the benefits that this government has to offer,” the Foreign Affairs Minister stated.

The opening of Midas BPO in Linden falls in line with the government’s promise to use the ICT sector as an enabler for major job creation in Guyana.

The government has long maintained that the ICT sector  properly incentivised, can generate thousands of new jobs through co-investment, providing infrastructure support, state-sponsored training, and employment opportunities for the disabled.


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