Pregnant woman arrested for attacking woman accused of having affair with husband


Police have arrested a pregnant woman for reportedly assaulting a woman who was allegedly having an affair with her husband. Synthia Hunte, a 28-year-old businesswoman of Rose Hall, Corentyne was arrested on Thursday for unlawfully wounding Devi Persaud, 23, also a businesswoman of Clifton Settlement, Corentyne.

The News Room understands that Persaud is reportedly engaged in a relationship with Hunte’s husband.

This has resulted in an ongoing tension between Persaud and Hunte and on Thursday, the situation escalated when Hunte attacked Persaud. Police in the region told the News Room that the incident occurred within the vicinity of the Rose Hall Church’s restaurant.

Police said Hunte approached Persaud while she was waiting on her food order and ‘slashed her face with a sharp object’, and escaped.

A cashier at the outlet then assisted Persaud and offered her napkins to stop the bleeding. The young woman then sought medical attention at the Port Mourant Hospital and later reported the matter to the police.

Hunte was later arrested and told police she is currently four months pregnant. She has also denied attacking Persaud.

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