Dream of studying in the US? Guyanese student aims to help through new consultancy


Daniel Haynes, a Guyanese student pursuing a Master Degree in International Communication in New York, has launched a new education consultancy to help other Guyanese students gain admission and fund their studies at universities in the United States (US).

The new consultancy is known as Haynes Education Consultancy. And Haynes told the News Room that this consultancy was created because as an intentional student himself, he experienced the challenges that come with studying at a US university.

“When I started my college journey, it culminated in three years of trial and error in the college admissions process.

“My SAT scores were good, and I got accepted into schools like Pace University, Barry University, St Bonaventure, Florida International University, and St. John’s University. Despite these acceptances, it took me three years to find funding to get to school,” Haynes said.

Daniel Haynes, the founder of Haynes Education Consultancy

He related that he was able to find scholarships that would help fund his educational pursuits; he also worked in the international admissions department at the St. John’s University helping other students secure much-needed scholarships.

And now, Haynes is hoping to guide students through the application and admissions process, and towards securing their own funding.

“Right now the biggest issue facing many students is funding.

“Many students don’t know the amount of options that are open to them in terms of merit based scholarships that are awarded just based on your application as well as external scholarships the institution provides,” Haynes emphasised.

With prior experience in helping other students through these processes, and with knowledge of the institutional support offered to US students from their sophomore years of high school up until they graduated, Haynes believes his consultancy can be the nexus between Guyanese students and studying in the US.

The consultancy features a fully integrated online service that allows clients to upload documents to a secure drive and schedule consultations at their convenience through online platforms ZOOM and Google Meets.

Haynes also said that he is open to partnering with Guyanese schools to help connect students there with opportunities for study abroad.

For more information, Haynes can be contacted via email: dhaynes@hayneseducationconsultancy.com. He can also be contacted via phone: +1-347-486-4352

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