Two busted with mask, gloves, bulletproof vest & ganja at Meadow Bank


Police have arrested two men – a 30-year-old and a 36-year-old – in connection with the discovery of 18 pounds of cannabis and other items including a camouflage hat, shirt, pants, mask, gloves, a bulletproof vest and a pair of black boots.

The discovery was made on Monday at around 10:00hrs in an empty lot at Meadow Bank, Georgetown.

According to a police report, ranks were patrolling the area when they observed the two males carrying a blue plastic barrel into the empty lot. Upon seeing the ranks, the suspects ran away leaving the barrel behind.

“The ranks managed to restrain the two males and escorted them back in the said lot where they found the mentioned blue plastic barrel under a black cover,” the police report noted.

It is alleged that the ranks opened the barrel in the presence of the two suspects and discovered five brown taped bulky parcels which contained seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis.

“There was also a multi-coloured bag which contained one camouflage hat, shirt, pants, mask, gloves, a bulletproof vest and one pair of black boots. The suspects were told of the offence and they denied same.”

The two males, along with the suspected narcotics and other items, were taken to the Ruimveldt Police Station as the investigations continue.

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