Family devastated, traumatised following execution-style murder of Sophia man 


The family of 43-year-old Collin McPherson, who was fatally shot on Thursday night are devastated and remain in a traumatised state following the incident.

The dead man’s daughter, Meleka McPherson, 24, told the News Room that she still does not believe her father is gone.

Meleka recalled that she was in Georgetown when she received a phone call from her younger sister that their father was shot dead.

“I said ‘don’t tell me lies’; I couldn’t believe.”

According to the police, McPherson was liming with some friends outside of his ‘D’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown house when the suspect approached and shot him at around 21:40hrs.

The father of four managed to run inside his house and started shouting ‘close the door!’ His 18-year-old son, 13-year-old daughter, his nephew and two other teenagers were home at the time of the shooting.

They all ran and hid when the gunman entered the house.

According to an eyewitness, the gunman was dressed in a blue shirt, and dark-coloured pants; he was slim and fair in complexion and was wearing a blue facemask.

“After he [Collin] get shoot, he come inside and the person who shoot him turn back, come into the house, walk through the backdoor and come finish he off right there,” a distraught Meleka told the News Room.

She said no one recognised the suspect and the family is now baffled about who wanted to hurt McPherson.

“I don’t know if they mistake him for somebody else,” Meleka said.

The News Room understands that McPherson was shot four times; once to his groin, his shoulder, leg and arm.

A good man 

Meleka said her father was a good man and if he was ever in trouble, she was the person he would confide in.

“My father don’t trouble nobody, he and nobody don’t get no problem because he would have told me.

“All I want is justice for my father, I want the Guyana Police Force to do their job properly,” the grieving daughter said.

Meleka said her father helped many youths in the area to get jobs and live better lives.

“He would help anybody out, anybody come with problems he would help.

“He would find jobs for them youths. That is the type of person he was, anybody that knows him know that he don’t get problem with nobody,” Meleka said.

McPherson was employed with the Ministry of Health as a driver for the past two years.

An emergency medical technician pronounced him dead at the scene on Thursday night. Police said two 9MM spent shells were recovered while CCTV footage from the area will be reviewed.

Police said several persons were also questioned.

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