Guyanese man stabbed to death in Suriname


A Guyanese man was stabbed to death in front of the Osies Paradise bar in Paramaribo, Suriname on Tuesday night.

According to the Suriname online media outlet, Waterkant, the authorities in that country have arrested three persons in connection with the brutal stabbing.

Dead is 21-year-old Kevin Barry. In police custody are 19-year-old Anthony J, Rehaan N, 20, and Ken H, 22.

Surveillance footage seen by the News Room showed Barry standing in the company of another male and he appeared to be talking to someone in a car that was reversing in front of the bar.

He was making hand gestures and in a matter of minutes, the back door of the vehicle opened, and a man jumped out and confronted Barry during which a scuffle ensued.

The suspect then whipped out a weapon (later identified as a knife) and stabbed Barry several times. He escaped while the injured victim ran inside the bar.

Authorities in Suriname told the media that Barry sustained a stab in the region of his heart which resulted in his demise. The body of Barry is currently awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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