Ramps Logistics says denied local content certificate


Ramps Logistics Guyana on Wednesday said it was denied a local content certificate which it needs to operate in Guyana’s energy sector.

The company, which is headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, had previously said that it had become now a 51 per cent Guyanese-owned Company after divesting.

The Local Content Secretariat is, however, tasked with verifying this information before issuing certificates.

See below the notice issued by Ramps Logistics:

The recently passed Local Content Act stipulates that a company must have a local content certificate to operate in the Guyana Energy Sector. Ramps Logistics Guyana Inc. has followed all the required guidelines to apply for this Certificate and was denied.

Against that backdrop, we are hosting a press conference to share information that has recently come to hand in the matter that is relevant to all companies and investors seeking to invest in Guyana.

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