Fisherman who attacked, attempted to rape woman remanded


Ajay Gaj, a 30-year-old fisherman, who attempted to rape a 22-year-old woman last Friday on the West Coast Demerara, was on Wednesday charged and subsequently remanded to prison.

Gaj appeared before Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Wales Magistrate’s Court where the charge of ‘Committing an Offence with Intent to Commit a Sexual Offence’ was read to him.

The accused pleaded not guilty; he was subsequently remanded to prison until July 25, 2022.

Gaj reportedly had a piece of his tongue bitten off by the victim.

The young woman’s mother spoke with the News Room on Tuesday and said her daughter was also beaten by the suspect who was armed with a knife. The young woman remains traumatised and suffered injuries to her fingers, face, neck, and abdomen.

The young woman remains traumatised and suffered injuries to her fingers, face, neck, and abdomen.

“She was walking coming home and saw him at the junction and they even said goodnight to each other; she stopped and bought a food and she said she feels like this person behind her and looked around and see [the suspect],” the mother told the News Room.

The woman said her daughter started screaming and attempted to run but the suspect grabbed her.

“When she run, he scrambled her and tried to pull her into an empty lot where there is a lot of bush. He told her: ‘he gotta get sex’.”

According to the mother, during the attack, the suspect reportedly strangled her daughter during which she blacked out. When the young woman regained consciousness, her clothing was pulled below the knees and the suspect was kissing her. It was then she used the opportunity to bite his tongue.

“Besides that, he had already pulled out a knife, her fingers them get cut on it from the knife that she hold,” the mother explained.

After he was bitten, the suspect ran away and the young woman was rescued by neighbours while relatives captured the suspect and handed him over to the police.

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  1. Samnarain says

    Regardless of ones political beliefs one cannot make threat to the life of the president. After investigation if the evidence points to a threat then he must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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