Bandit killed; businessman injured during home invasion


One of two bandits was killed in the wee hours of Wednesday when they broke into the property of a La Grange, West Bank Demerara businessman.

When contacted by the News Room, Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mahendra Siwnarine, would only confirm that there was a fatal shooting.

He said the circumstances were still being investigated.

But a family member of Anil Singh, who owns a furniture store, told the News Room that two bandits broke into his home around 01:30 hours.

Singh reportedly confronted the bandits who were reportedly armed and he was shot to his knee and reportedly had a piece of his ear bitten off during a scuffle.

While one of the bandits escaped, the other was fatally shot. It is unclear how he sustained the injury or whether the businessman is a licensed firearm holder.

Police have launched an investigation and details will be provided as it becomes available.

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  1. Kampta Persaud says

    Not in support of vigilantism but to defend oneself, family and property is the moral right to do so when law enforcement is not there to help. This is a clear case of defence and home invasion by ‘perps’ with evil and harmful intentions. Send a message to the people who think about doing similar acts of criminality that, ‘enough is enough.’ There will be consequences to your actions!

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