Quindon Bacchus case: Cop accused of tampering with probe released on $250,000 bail


Former Police Sergeant Dameion Mclennon, who is one of the two policemen accused of tampering with the investigation into the shooting death of Quidon Bacchus was on Wednesday released on $250,000 bail.

McLennon’s application for bail was granted by Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George.

His attorney, Bernard DaSilva had argued that the accused is not a flight risk and does not pose a risk of tampering with witnesses since the investigation into the murder is complete.

DaSilva argued that if McLennon is not released on bail he will unnecessarily have to endure exposure to inhumane and unhygienic conditions, coupled with the exposure to many health hazards while in prison.

Back in July, this attorney had made an application for bail before High Court Judge Sandil Kissoon.

However, the application was denied by the Judge on the ground of public interest.

Last month, McLennon and former Lance Corporal Thurston Simon were separately charged for wilfully attempting to obstruct the course of justice by giving false information to the police during the course of the investigation into Bacchus’ death.

Simon is currently on remand. The matter is before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus.

L-R: Lance Corporal Thurston Simon, Lance Corporal Kristoff De Nobrega and Sergeant Dameion McLennon who was promoted to Cadet Officer

Lance Corporal Kristoff De Nobrega, is charged with the capital offence of murder, which alleged that he fatally shot Bacchus on June 10 at Haslington New Scheme, East Coast of Demerara.

It is alleged that Bacchus was selling an illegal firearm to De Nobrega, during which shots were fired.

The Police had initially reported that Bacchus first fired shots at the cops. However, a police ballistic analyst reported that the gun  claimed to be discovered Bacchus “was not in working order.”

It is alleged that on June 11, 2022, Simon in an attempt to cover up what transpired, wrote a false statement.

Simon claimed that he did not fire any shots at Bacchus but according to the police facts, another police rank on the operation claimed that he saw when Simon shot at Bacchus.

Meanwhile, Mc Lennon on June 30, willfully attempted to obstruct the course of justice by giving false information to the police in the investigation.

Mc Lennon had denied shooting at Bacchus but investigators recovered two spent shells fired from his service weapon at the crime scene.

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