Husband dies, wife seriously injured in Bath accident  


Two days after he got married, Beesham Dhoray called Lako of Queens, New York died on Tuesday while his wife and cousin are in a critical state following an accident at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice.

The wife, Viroshni Persaud called Roshni of East Berbice Corentyne is hospitalised at the Fort Wellington Hospital. The driver of the car who was identified as Dhoray’s cousin is also nursing serious injuries.

The News Room was informed that the couple got married in a religious ceremony on Sunday. They travelled on Tuesday to the Guyana Post Office Headquarters in Georgetown to sign legal marriage documents and were returning to Region Six when the driver, Dhoray’s cousin, tried overtaking another vehicle on a turn at a fast rate and lost control.

He slammed into a nearby fence.

They were all rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where Djoray was pronounced dead and his wife and cousin were admitted.


  1. Matthew says

    Oh no…..what an absolute waste for a few minutes saved. My heart bleeds for the families.

  2. Jagan / Burnham. says

    Short honeymoon…quick widow

  3. Jagan & Burnham ! says


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