Workers escape unharmed after electrical pole falls on vehicle


Two employees of Beesons Windows and Doors narrowly escaped after an electricity pole fell on the vehicle they were in on Friday afternoon. The incident occurred on North Road in Georgetown during heavy rainfall.

Chitram Persaud was the driver of the vehicle. Persaud along with the other employee, Joy Francisco, were heading towards East Street when the incident occurred.

“All we heard was a snap and saw the pole falling on the vehicle,” Persaud told the News Room at the scene.

He then called the Guyana Fire Service. He explained that they were driving slowly on the road given that it was raining.

(Photo: News Room/September 02, 2022)

The two employees safely exited the vehicle when the Fire Service arrived. They said it was a terrifying experience.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness who is a businesswoman in the area told the News Room, that due to the heavy rainfall, her business started flooding and so she went to switch off the electricity when she heard a loud noise.

“The vehicle was coming up the road and the post fall on it; the same time we were turning off power in our building because of the heavy shower and it started to flood.
“I heard the loud noise and when I run out, that was it,” the businesswoman said.

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