Man, co-accused gets life imprisonment for killing wife


Clevaughn Hamilton, called “Quarters”, and his co-accused Ranachal Singh, called “Andy”, were on Monday sentenced to serve life imprisonment for the 2016 murder of Simone Hackett, the mother of Hamilton’s child. The sentence was handed down by Justice Sandil Kissoon at the Demerara High Court. The judge ordered that the men be eligible for parole only after serving a minimum of 35 years.

Earlier this month, the two men were arraigned for the capital offence of murder, but opted to plead guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.

They admitted to unlawfully killing Hacket between April 16 and 19, 2016 at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara.

Hamilton was represented by attorney Alaira Murphy-Goodman while Singh was represented by attorney Latchmie Rahamat.

The State was represented by prosecutor Muntaz Ali.

During the sentencing hearing, Hackett’s family presented a joint statement, which was read in court by her stepmother Mala Mahabir-Hackett.

The woman said that the two accused are “unremorseful animals” and their actions have ripped her family apart.

“Simone was a joy to be around. She was full of life and energy, and we loved being around her. She had the brightest, biggest smile.

“She had this unbelievable strength that would get her through anything and no matter what we were facing she always found a way to encourage us and support us. She was a pillar for us,” the woman said.

She added that her grandson has no desire to build a relationship with his father due to the senseless killing of his mother.

“Even more heart-breaking, he robbed his own son of a life with his mother. He took away from this boy the opportunity to live a life surrounded by the joy and love we have felt from Simone,” Mahabir-Hackett said.

In his address to the court, Hamilton apologised for his action and begged for a second chance. Singh said that he deeply regretted that fatal day, especially being misled by Hamilton.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Kissoon said that domestic violence continues to “rampage” society. He further noted that a person who commits such crimes cannot look to the court for “clemency and mercy.”

“This vile, heinous, brutal, and unthinkable act perpetrated by these accused, who together planned and executed it, must be condemned in the strongest possible way.

“They have by the actions and conduct, brought horror, murder, hopelessness, and destruction upon a child upon a family, and ultimately, members of the community. The prevalence, the chaos, and the unchecked mayhem of such offenses must be arrested,” Justice Kissoon said during his remarks.

Taking all the aforementioned into consideration and the need to deter like-minded offenders from committing the “abominable crime,” the Judge sentenced men to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving a minimum of 35 years.

The mother of one was reported missing by relatives on April 17, 2016, after she had not returned the previous night from going to collect a package allegedly sent from Mahdia by Hamilton.

According to a post-mortem report, Hackett died from an incised wound to her neck and there were 11 other incised wounds to her body.

Her body was discovered by two schoolboys on their way to school and was positively identified by relatives

Hamilton, in his agreed statement of facts, admitted to luring Hackett into Singh’s vehicle and stabbing the woman several times before dumping her in a nearby trench, where he also disposed of the murder weapon.

He then made good of his escape by driving to Mahdia with Singh. However, along the journey, the men stopped and cleaned the bloodstained car.

On April 20, 2016, Hamilton was arrested by police and admitted to killing the woman.

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