Family pleads for justice after father of four crushed to death on Mandela Ave.


Owad Greene, 41, of Durban Backlands in Georgetown had just left his home on his electric bike on Monday night to buy ice-cream and food for his children when he was horrifically crushed to death. The accident occurred at about 21:00hrs along the Nelson Mandela Road in Georgetown.

Greene, a father of four and grandfather of three, was described as kind, loving and hardworking. His family is pleading for justice as his death evokes a similar situation when his mother passed. Beverly Loreen Greene died several years ago not too far from the same spot that her son died on Monday.

However, the driver that struck her down was never arrested after he fled the scene.

Police Headquarters reported that the driver of the truck that ran over Greene, Fazal Mohammed, 40, a Trinidadian national is in police custody assisting with the investigation.

But it was due to efforts by friends of the dead man that he was arrested.

Fazal Mohammed being confronted by a friend of the dead man

Relatives told the News Room that Mohammed attempted to escape from the scene but a friend followed him and caught up with him within the vicinity of the East La Penitence Police Station.

Police said the truck was proceeding south along the Mandela Avenue, whilst Greene was proceeding in front of him in the pedal cycle lane.

“As the truck attempted to drive pass the cyclist, the left rear wheel of the motor lorry collided with the cyclist, causing him to fall onto the road surface, along with the said electric cycle where the motor lorry wheel then drove over the cyclist’s head, crushing him,” the Police reported.

Police said a notice of intended prosecution was served on the driver of the truck. A breathalyzer test conducted on him found no trace of alcohol.

“My bother get knock behind the white line, behind the white line is where the bicycle riding; how he [truck driver] meet till behind the white line,” Richard Greene, the dead man’s brother, stated.

Richard said when the friend caught up with Mohammed, the driver claimed that he was not aware he had struck down Greene.

“How you driving a big big truck and go over an electric bike and ain’t know you go over an electric bike?”

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