Electrifying action on day two of National Junior Badminton championship


The atmosphere at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall was electrifying on Friday evening as day two of the Guyana Badminton Association’s National Junior tournament was contested.

This tournament is seeing participants competing in Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles and Girls’ Doubles games in the U-11, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 categories.

Below are the summarised results of Day Two.

Under-11 Boys Singles:

Manvir Sharma defeated Ashton Ramdhani 21-8

John Thomas defeated Joel Rambirichie 21-5

Francis Thomas defeated Manvir Sharma 21-12

Under-13 Boys Singles:

John Thomas defeated Vivaan Shivnauth 21-6,21-6

Sergio Alexander defeated Mohamed Farouk 21-10,21-6

Ruel Rambiriche defeated Sergio Alexander 21-14,21-8

Under-13 Girls Singles:

Himanshi Kumar defeated Gabrielle Felix 19-21,21-10,21-14

Gianna Ramnarine defeated Tanuja Netram 21-11,21-10

Himanshi Kumar defeated Maleeah Hinckson 21-1,21-1

Under-15 Boys Singles:

Avinash Ramnarine defeated Nathan Jarvis 21-6,21-5

Aiden Bhagwandin defeated Gabriel Felix 21-15,22-20

Nathan Morrison defeated Nikolas Pollard 21-6,21-19

Xavio Alexander defeated Jaquan Nedd 21-1,21-3

Aiden Bhagwandin defeated Avinash Ramnarine 21-13,21-11

Some players from day two 

Under-15 Girls Singles:

Mishka Beharry defeated Gabrielle Felix 21-9,21-11

Malia Haley defeated Navaeh Eastman 21-15,21-14

Under-15 Girls Doubles:

Genvieve Bookram/Himanshi Kumar defeated Tanuja Netram/Maleeah Hinckson 21-6,21-13

Under-17 Boys Singles:

Joanathan Debidin defeated Haresh Persaud 21-4,21-1

Matthew Spooner defeated Aiden Bhagwandin 21-18,21-10

Jedidiah Uwagboe defeated Frank Waddell 21-2,21-11

Xavio Alexander defeated Jonathan Robinson 21-15,21-11

Joanathan Debidin defeated Matthew Spooner 21-12,21-19

Under-17 Boys Doubles:

Matthew Spooner/Haresh Persaud defeated Jedidiah Uwagboe/Juan Ferreira 21-29,24-22

Under-19 Boys Singles:

Joanathan Debidin defeated Xavio Alexander 21-16,21-14

Raah Russell defeated Haresh Persaud 21-10,21-6

Viraj Singh defeated Manav Sharma 21-10,21-8

Viraj Singh defeated Raah Russell 21-13,21-8

Under-19 Boys Doubles:

Raah Russell/Frank Waddell defeated Nathan Morrison/Vinai Datt 21-9,21-7

Under-19 Girls Singles:

Mishka Beharry defeated Malia Haley 21-3,21-1

Alima Eastman defeated Navaeh Eastman 21-7,21-8

Under-19 Girls Doubles:

Alima Eastman/Genvieve Bookram defeated Navaeh Eastman/Malia Haley 21-13,21-19

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