Man killed after trying to save colleague from cutlass attack in Annai


Police in Region Nine are on the hunt for two men who reportedly fatally chopped a man identified as Aires Matthew and injured his colleague, 48-year-old Radesh Phulya.

According to a police report, the incident occurred between 23:00hrs and 00:00hrs along the Annai Acess Road in Region Nine on Friday.

The News Room understands that the victims were working on a bridge in the area.

Police said Matthew, Phulya and three other colleagues were in a white canter truck consuming beers when the two suspects, one of whom was armed with a cutlass, approached and started attacking Phulya. Phulya is the driver of the vehicle.

“Matthew tried to intervene to stop the attack but instead the suspects attacked him (Matthew) and chop him to his right forearm and chest,” Police stated.

The other three colleagues got scared and ran away during the attack.

Matthew and Phulya were later placed into the canter and taken the Annai Health Center where Matthew was pronounced dead. Police said Phulya is in a stable condition.

Police said based on investigations, the attack was a result of Phulya speaking to a female teacher earlier in the night at Tractor Bar.
Investigations are ongoing.

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