Local photographer hosts new photo expo ‘Butterfly Effect’


After five years of photography, local photographer Travon Barker held his first photo exhibition and he hopes to inspire other young photographers to showcase their work.

The scenic exhibition at the Tower Suites conference room was held on Wednesday evening and it was the only time persons were able to view and purchase these photos.

Travon Barker

“Ever since I started photography, this was something I wanted to do but I never had the motivation to go forward with it,” Barker said. He eventually mustered the courage when he was egged on by others.

The photos were displayed along a structured maze. Upon entering the maze, the viewers are met with landscape photos and then move onto the scenes at Georgetown with street photography before portraits taken over the years are displayed. Barker said he hopes for his next expo, the maze will be more detailed and require persons to understand the photos which will be a guide to exit; but for his first time, he wanted persons to enjoy the view.

A photo taken by Travon Barker

Barker always wanted to have an exhibition however he thought he wouldn’t receive the support for such an event. But his friends motivated him and worked closely with him to make the expo a reality. Journalist Nazima Raghubir and art enthusiast Sade Burrow Brown selected the photos from a collection of Barker’s work. The pair curated the lay out of the display and advised Barker on ways he could make the expo better.

The support of his friends and interested clients led to the event which he hopes to make a biennial event. However, Barker is already on the verge of planning his next event which will be to promote small-scale photographers.

“Butterfly Effect 1.5, which I have planned for next year, will not be any of my work but it’s going to be 60 photographers. I am going to ask all the photographers to submit and I am going to take one piece from each of the 60 and show them that they can do this too,” Barker said.

Initially, Barker who always had an eye for art, was only an admin at photography business Guyana Live. However he eventually picked up the camera and gradually expanded his interest into photography.

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