RAMPS gets Local Content Certificate but gov’t says will appeal


The government has granted a Local Content Certificate to RAMPS Logistics, honouring a recent Supreme Court ruling but the Ministry of Natural Resources said every effort will still be made to appeal that ruling.

See full statement below:

The Ministry of Natural Resources and by extension the Government of Guyana has taken note of the recent ruling by the Chief Justice, Hon. Roxanne George – Wiltshire in the RAMPS Logistics Guyana Incorporated judicial review for local content certification. The Government of Guyana respects the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary and therefore will comply with the ruling.

Head of the Trinidad-owned company, Shaun Rampersad and majority shareholder of Ramps Logistics, Deepak Lall

However, there are strong concerns by the Ministry of Natural Resources as to the eligibility of this particular application for local content certification. As such, the government is currently exploring all available options including an appeal of the ruling.

The Government of Guyana also noted the recent settlement by the company and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) on the matter of tax evasion as well as the ongoing litigations in ten (10) false tax declarations to the GRA.

The Local Content Secretariat will continue to act in a professional manner and defend the people of Guyana consistent with the Local Content Act.


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