Financial management conference ‘EconoMe’ slated for this weekend


A financial literacy conference aimed at helping attendees grow and manage their money is slated for this weekend. The conference, “EconoMe” – a play on the word economy – will be held at the Princess Ramada Hotel, East Bank Demerara on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at 19:00hrs and will feature expert speakers and business mentors. 

The event is being hosted by Matthew Gaul, a recent graduate from the University of Guyana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and the creator of the popular financial literacy podcast “Common Cent$”.

Gaul explained that as Guyana’s economy continues to grow, it is important that Guyanese are capable of managing their finances effectively and learn how to create generational wealth through investments.

In July 2022, Gaul staged his first financial conference and mixer that saw a large number of persons requesting a second conference, leading to EconoMe.

“We literally didn’t have space for everyone, there were about 40 persons standing at the back because there weren’t enough chairs, and many persons asked to do another one,” Gaul related.

The event features a diverse panel of young professional speakers, namely, attorney-at-law Michael Munroe; Managing Director of Cerulean Inc, Lyndell Danzie-Black and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gurchuran Investments Inc, Evie Kanhai-Gurchuran.

Some of the themes which will be discussed are “Making Money is Action”, “Keeping Wealth is Behavior- The pain of Discipline or Regret” and “Understanding Emotional Money Triggers”.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion under the theme “Wealth Creation, Accumulation, Preservation” which will focus on how to make money, keep money and grow money.

The panel includes Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr; CEO of Excel Guyana Inc, Chris Sammy; attorneys-at-law Samuel Glasgow and Lloyd Robinson. It will be moderated by Chairman and CEO of Prestige Management Consultants Inc, Anita Ramprasad.

“We have a very packed panel that is going to share very key financial information, business information so that all of the young people that will be there can develop their business acumen and their capacity,” Gaul said.

The presentations and panel discussion will be followed by a business mixer which will allow attendees to network and connect with professionals, opening a wealth of opportunities for job security and developing business connections.

“It’s not just about coming and sitting and getting information but there’s an aspect whereby you would be allowed to meet and mingle with persons and build meaningful connections because to survive in Guyana you can’t do it alone,” Gaul said.

The event is a collaboration between CommonCent$ and Miss World Guyana 2022 Andrea King’s Project FLO which focuses on the promotion of financial literacy and its inclusion in local educational institutions. 

“EconoMe” is distinguished from other business conferences as it is two young individuals passionate about financial literacy coming together and creating an atmosphere where young persons can share their experiences without fear.

“Sometimes in professional settings, you can’t say certain stuff but I think our event provides you with that opportunity to be real, be vulnerable and to have those real conversations that you may want to have elsewhere but you can’t,” Gaul said.

Tickets cost $7,000 for regular attendees and $5,000 for University of Guyana students and are sold at locations across Georgetown including Au Moyeu on North Road; Imperial Trading on Durban Street; Fon Roje’s on Robb and Cummings Street and GTT at Giftland Mall.

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