Miner who bought $100k of ganja to ‘hustle’ arrested


A 30-year-old Linden miner was nabbed with 3761.7 grammes of marijuana on Monday and reportedly told Police that he paid $100,000 for the illegal drugs “to carry and hustle in de backdam”.

Police Headquarters in a statement said the miner was arrested by ranks on anti-crime patrol at about 11:30hrs at Watooka Main Road in Linden.

Ranks observed the miner with a haversack on his back riding a black and white Honda XR motorcycle (CJ 3062). The suspect was coming out of Coomacka Mines and heading in a northern direction. The ranks suspected he was carrying something illegal due to his demeanour when he saw the Police.

The ranks attempted to intercept him, but the miner reportedly jumped off the motorcycle and ran through some nearby bushes.

The ranks gave chase and managed to apprehend him.

A search was conducted and the ranks found two compressed, bulky parcels containing leaves, seeds and stems of marijuana.

The suspect was told of the offence committed and cautioned. He was arrested and escorted to the Mackenzie Police Station.

The suspect is in custody pending investigations and charges.

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