Over 170 Region Three squatters to receive land titles by year end


Over 170 residents at regularized sections of Greenwich Park (Railway Embankment), Tuschen (Railway Embankment); Plantation Uitvlugt and Stewartville Sideline Dam; and De Kinderen (Railway Embankment), Region Three are expected to start receiving their Certificate of Title before the end of the year.

A team from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA), including Director of Community Development, Mr. Gladwin Charles and Head of the Conveyance Unit, Ms. Esther Stephens processed Agreements of Sale for some of the residents on Saturday and Sunday (December 10-11, 2022) at the Greenwich Park Primary School. In addition to this, the residents also registered for their Certificate of Title.

The two-day exercise is in keeping with a commitment made by the Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal, during a meeting in September. Minister Croal was present at the exercise on Sunday and handed over several of the Agreements of Sale, as he interacted with the residents. The Minister further committed that the Titles will be ready for distribution by the end of the year.

Mr. Suresh Sookul, a resident of Tuschen Railway Embankment for over 18 years, was elated to receive his Agreement of Sale, as he stated he can now move forward with plans to extend this home.

“The Minister was here one time and he promised that he was gonna get these documents fixed, the documents for the land, and fuh know he stood to his word and he came back […] I am real happy and real comfortable,” said Mr. Sookul.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mohamed Amin Bassir and his wife, who have been residing at Uitvlugt for over three decades expressed, “we happy that we own something […] we waiting long”.

Another resident, Mr. Amin Ali also noted that he was pleased with the work of the Ministry and is excited to receive his Certificate of Title.

Residents have been occupying the various areas for 30-50 years. The block and occupational survey was completed by CHPA, documenting some 82 persons residing at Plantation Uitvlugt and Stewartville Sideline Dam and more than 40 persons at Tuschen Railway Embankment. Around 40 persons have also been recorded at Greenwich Park Railway Embankment and 17 at De Kinderen. (Ministry of Housing release)

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