State House shooting: Attacker still critical, Presidential Guard conscious


Bethel Ikena Chenezie, the man who attempted to infiltrate State House on Thursday and severely wounded Presidential Guard Telon Perreira, is still in a critical condition.

The News Room understands that Chinezie remains a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital. He is also under Police guard.

Meanwhile, Perreira has regained consciousness and is reportedly alert. He, however, remains hospitalised at the Georgetown hospital.
Perreira was stabbed by Chenezie five times about his neck and body.

Chenezie, who possesses a Nigerian passport, on Thursday morning showed up at State House – the official residence of President Ali and his family – and confronted the Presidential guard in a hut stating: “I want the President.”

Perreira was then stabbed by the man, who was armed with a knife. The attacker then proceeded to disarm a female rank of her gun, walked out of the guard hut, and started firing outside of the compound on Carmichael Street. He was shot at by other officers.

Both Chenezie and Perreira were taken for treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital, subsequently.

Police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

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