‘Pele’s legacy lives within all football fans’- Kashif and Shanghai


Press Release by the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation on the passing of Brazilian football legend Pele

Kashif and Shanghai Organisation M.S. extends its deepest condolences to the family, people of Brazil and fans all around the world on the passing of the greatest ever footballer- Edison Arantes do Nascimento aka ‘King Pele’.

We recall the precious moments he shared with us on the field and off the field- like his visit to Guyana in 2009 for the Opening Ceremony of the annual Kashif and Shanghai football tournament.

His visit as the greatest footballer ever to visit Guyana will always be monumental.

Together, we are mourning a great loss, for King Pele brought us together through his love for football.

King Pele brought a level of technical skill to the sport that no other footballer has managed to replicate, used his sport as a tool for peace and showed the world that he was a true citizen of this earth- no different from us.

Gone but surely never will be forgotten because his legacy lives within all football fans.

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