Kevlon Anderson to play club cricket in Trinidad


Promising Guyanese batsman, Kevlon Anderson, will depart these shores on February 4 to play for Preysal Cricket Club in Trinidad and Tobago.

The opportunity was secured through his Cricket West Indies Academy coach and now interim West Indies Head Coach, Andre Coley.

The 22-year-old has been part of CWI’s Academy in Antigua for the past 12 months and according to a release from the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) on Thursday, “the assignment gives Anderson a chance to get in the much-needed match practice with constraints capable of supporting his growth.

The pitch conditions are likely to be similar to those that the Guyana Harpy Eagles will confront during their last three round of matches in the West Indies Championship, 2023.”

Additionally, the GCB felt the responsibility of an overseas professional will assist Anderson to continue to develop the requisite attributes of an international player.

CWI High-Performance Manager, Graeme West, praised the initiative and encouraged the GCB to collaborate with CWI and Preysal Cricket Club on this player’s development plan.

West posited, “I think it’s a great opportunity for Kevlon to get some competitive cricket and prepare himself for the final three rounds of the WI Championship.”

GCB President Bissoondyal commended CWI for its proactive approach to the management of youth players. He remarked, that great effort is being made to nurture and develop youth players and this initiative is an indication of the meaningfulness of GCB’s and CWI’s Youth Development Programs.

Furthermore, Singh indicated the practice exercises undertaken in the youth development programme are good, and must be complemented by the player’s involvement in matches, which provides real-game context situations.

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